Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ready to ride

I am almost ready to quit my job and make horses my full-time occupation today ... because last night I saw the Lipizzaner stallions. It was so cool.

I also feel more manly about dressage because apparently it started as military training -- take that, horse ballet.

The Lipizzaners did a few moves I know how to do, like circles and serpentines and leg-yielding, but they dud most of them at speeds I can only imagine. Leg-yielding is about a million times cooler looking when it is done at a trot or cantor.

They also did some steps called "Airs above the ground," which the show's host said were originally military maneuvers. They were cool as all get out, but most involved like a Lone Ranger and Silver buck that would leave the horse's belly a tasty target for a spearman, so I was a little dubious. I read something later that said they were probably just drills.

But there was this one, called the capriole, that looked like a serious move. The horse jumps up in the air and then kicks its back feet. I am not sure when knights or cavalry would turn around away from their enemies so the horse could kick them, but that one looked like it might be useful in a battle. Here is a video of it.

I saw Eric Clapton in concert years and years ago, before I knew I was disabled and when I fancied myself a guitar player. We decided afterward that Clapton made you want to go practice or go throw away your guitar because you'll never be that good. I sort of felt the same way after the Lipizzaners.

But mostly I just wanted to practice.


Lynne said...

Hi Matt! Wow you've got me so pumped to see the Lipizzaner Stallions! I was so excited to see that they will be performing in Savannah, GA in January. Savannah is only a 45 minute drive from Statesboro!! I have always wanted to see them but never got around to it. Now I will thanks to you.

How are you doing these days? I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hopefully, when we come up for Christmas you, me and Kate could get together for a visit. I'll work on that.

It's very cold down here in GA (very unusual for this time of year), but it will go up to 70 by mid day so I'm not too worried.

Thanks for keeping your blog going, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love & miss you mucho!!

Matt said...

That is exactly what my mom said: She wanted to see them forever. And it was so cool.

Let me know if you do get up here. Work is crazy but we'll get together.

EquineMan said...


I was pumped then remembered I had seats with dinner for them and couldn't pull it off. A family thing which takes first over all.

I hope to get to see them again when they come back around.

Did you know that now women can ride the Lipizzaner's?

A first ever!

Anyway glad to hear it is as cool as everyone says.

Take care

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Matt said...

Several of the riders were women actually. very cool. said...

Happy new year! for all horse lovers

Erickson said...

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Matt Trott said...

thanks Erickson