Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me and my Shadow?

I thought when I started riding T last year that she would be the last horse I rode. She was great; she had energy and initiative. I had to slow her down sometimes; that thrilled me no end.

What then was I doing on my last lesson before winter break riding Shadow, a Trakehner-Arab mare? I am still trying to decide if I was being disloyal to T and Morgans.

Dada says T has a lot of motion in her walk, and I know Dada is less confident of me and T than she used to be. And Shadow has a wider back and a smoother walk and has a dressage background.

The first time with a horse is probably hard for everyone as the horse adjusts to one's movements. I move a lot, so it is really hard on a horse to learn to ignore my body's slippings. T mostly did. Shadow stopped when she felt something was off. Dada liked that. Me? Not as much. It was real work to get and keep her moving.

After a while, we managed to get moving at a nice rate and she really curves in circles.

I was looking forward to riding her again - who am I to argue with Dada – but my work schedule has demanded that I stop for the winter now. It will be a good time to break. Dada and I will re-assess things in a while and see what's what.


Dada said...

Dear Matt, we changed so many great horses, and each of them gave you some nice moments and helped you to achieve something new...if nothing else, just having a new friend is worth of that...Andy - haflinger, Corrie - mustang, Bella - draft horse, then Charm, Louie, Infinity - Morgans...and Shadow arab-trakhener...each of them different and wonderfull at own way.
Any rider can tell so many stories like yours, about friends and relationships which change life...that is the beauty of life arround horses...
BTW - low temperature last few days, gave extra taste of chalange in managing Infinity - so I hope that you will like you Shadow after this winter brake...she is so sweet...
Let me know when you have a chance to ride again - indoor ring is not so fun as outside one, but it is not so cold ...Looking forward to see you again,with love, Dada said...

PLease check out as well as .
We would appreciate your feed back as well as your buisness.
Happy riding and god bless.

Dada said...

HI, Matt, another Morgan mare is at Spirit Herd and you might like her.
Infinity get older and developed some health issues, so I am happy that Louise, our friend took her at her farm where she has all treatment, good company, huge fields, warm stall, and the best hay :) she deserves it.
Glory is with us since summer, and I am about to find/purchase the saddle you may like safe enough to let you ride independent. Come in spring and see what Spirit can do for you :)